For what you can use that Geocoder map?

It produces a geocode for your Tweetdeck search and Facebook location codes for your Blog or web page. To tweet location based mostly only #hashtags are used.But location based # hashtags get often misused by spam Tourism Hotel and other industries. Standard Twitter user seldom use location hashtags most of the time he also not update his location in the profile if he travels.

So, for example, a Twitter user from Dubai on a visit in Vienna will still have his profile location Dubai. Nealy all clients Mobile and Desktop include locations data.

How to use the Map? 

For Tweetdeck Simple drag and click where you want to receive a tweet from copy the geolocation code for TweetDeck and past it in your TweetDeck search field. You will get all tweets from that area in the range you added default is 20km. You can engage with an area limited tweets on you premier Twitter client.

For Facebook Places: Copy Past the location Meta Tags into the head of your WP template. You can make that dynamic post by post for example for travel Blogs. by adding a header plugin to your Wordpress blog and past the code below the post in the extra field. Not only Facebook will honor that extra effort also Google will read the    meta property=’og:latitude’ content=’ XXXX’/>  and <meta property=’og:longitude’ content=”XXXX” and show it as more relevant search result to user in that area .


Additional Boolean Twitter Search:

Many other services use to connect to twitter you can search for them location based for targeting clients or marketing.

Facebook  Page: Admins  location:  ad   “”    tweets forwarded from Facebook Pages

Foursquare:  Check-ins   API use “”  short URL service


Tweetdeck support Boolean Search:  you can use AND  OR  and “-”  minus to exclude, user Phrases ” SOME PHRASE”  similar to google search in Addition to location and the different location services to get super target twitter follower based on location and topic.

Future steps Facebook Places:  Vienna Austria, Austria some Facebook Places, there is a Places Graph APPI call for direct linking to facebook places.

Graph API call,-122.427&distance=1000&access_token=